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Happy Ragdoll Customers

An update on Gibson.  He is doing great!  He is so lovable and affectionate.  He is almost 8 months old now and weighs about 10 lbs.  He is very well behaved and doesn't get in to too much trouble.  However, I think he is going to have lots of fun when I start decorating for Christmas!  His coat is coming in beautiful...so soft.  His body is getting darker and his cream colored mane is getting bigger.  His tail has very subtle stripes.  He purrs when I brush him.  I have attached a picture.
Take care,

Hi Carol:
It's been a week and Brooklyn is adjusting really well.  She is very loving and feisty and probably the most beautiful and easily trainable cat I've ever had.  This is a picture of her on the windowsill where she sits when I'm on the computer.  She loves to watch the birds at the bird bath and it's a whole new world to her.

Monty and Sherman and Omar Having a good time.

I wanted to send a note a while back, but life swept me up again and I forgot.
It's been about a year, and we all adore this cat.
She has really been such a treat for us, and we laugh at the fact that our kitchen chairs are hers.  All of them.   If we sit at the table and get up for a second, she's on our seat, lounged across it like she's been there all day.
She steals Ace's stuffed animals and carries them throughout the house like kittens.   She runs around and plays, and even sleeps with the dog.
If I walk out the door to take out he trash, she jumps up on the top of the queen Anne's chair next to the door and greets me at about head-height when I walk back in.
She talks to us all the time, and we chatter back at her.
When my grandfather went to bed, every night, she'd go to the back of the hallway and wait. Y his door for him to go to bed.  She'd walk through his room as I got him settled, then she'd come up to me.  I'd pick her up, she'd say good night to him, then I'd set her down and she'd saunter out of the room.
At the end of his life, she actually behaved like the cats in articles about nursing homes do.   She became ever-vigilant.   She got up on his bed, which she never did on her own, and laid across his ankles.  The last three nights he was here, she barely left him.
I jut wanted to send along another thank you.   She has brought us a ton of joy and we adore her immensely!
I hope you have had a wonderful year.
My best regards,

Carol, I just thought I would drop a quick email to tell you how thankful we are to have Tazi part of our family. She is the best! Our first experience with a ragdoll and I don't think I would have any other kind of cat now. Tazi is so friendly, caring and fun. She will even play fetch with you. We just love her! Thought I'd share a few pictures.

Lori and Jim
Penny and Leo are doing well. Penny site loves her food!!!
They are growing more and more each day.
Here are some photos.

Meredith and Aaron
Thanks for calling last week. The kitten is doing well. She settled right in with our family. I love how sweet and affectionate she is. She follows me everywhere. She also loves our son and has no fear of him, even when he cries. She will grow into a wonderful companion. Right now she is on my chest. She loves to cuddle. I am in love with this little creature. Thank you for raising such a great kitten.


Here is a picture of Bella and Sugar Pie napping. Plus a picture of Bella in my trash can. She investigates everything. All is good.


I was combing Zoey (our 65lbs. Sheepadoodle), and Sam came and snuggled up. As you can see, Sam is smaller than Zoey's head. They play together a lot, and Sam never seems afraid. He has attempted to nurse on Zoey a few times which Zoey is not going along with real well.
We are obviously very happy with our crew. It is all I hoped would happen. Sam is so sweet and wonderful.

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